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Straight Forward is a Danish freight forwarding company. We are established with the intent of being an alternative solution to the major transport giants.

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Straight ahead

We address small and middle-sized businesses, who require customized solutions regarding the freight process such as booking, communication, advice, time limit or neutrality.

Road freight

Full loads, part loads, pallet, refrigerated and frozen goods

Sea freight

We recommend transport by sea when the cost is essential 

Air freight

If time is of the essence, we can transport your cargo by air


Courier shipments, specific transport and small packages

Operational expertise

Straight Forward puts the customer first, and you will always be met by full transparency in all stages of the transport arrangements. Operational expertise as well as customer service is a prerequisite for success.

Straight Forward specializes in customized solutions all over the world with highlight on the Scandinavian market. We accommodate all our customers’ transportation requirements with the best prices and transport solutions.

Road freight

Ordinary shipping in Scandinavia

Packages, general cargo, part lots and full loads – all of which can be delivered, day to day in most parts of Scandinavia.

Transport in other parts of Europe

Through our network, we can handle packages, general cargo, part lots and full loads throughout Europe.

By using our network, we can ensure our client the best solution and rate on each shipment.

Special transport or crane deliveries

At Straight Forward, we have extensive experience with crane, truck and oversized deliveries. Straight Forward, can crane deliver everything from day to day within Denmark and to the rest of Europe with a 4 day notice.

Special transport is the transportation of goods that is beyond the standard. It is therefore required that the freight forwarder pays more attention to the handling of a task/project than a usual transportation.

At Straight Forward, we can offer the in-depth service and attention that the task requires and ensure the the necessary qualifications that is needed to do so.

Sea freight

Sea freight is a perfect solution if you want a secure, simple and cheap transportation and can easily wait a few days.

We offer provide pickups and deliveries all over the world, from and to almost every harbor. When it comes to export, import and cross trade, we present full-service solutions through our networks.

Air freight

Air freight is for the customer who needs a faster delivery with the possibility of optimizing your inventory. We offer secure and straightforward air freight solutions with the assistance of our partners worldwide.


Are you in need of an express delivery? Straight Forward offer courier solutions in Denmark within the hour with smaller shipments of a max. of 1500 kilogram.

At larger shipments and courier solutions outside of Denmark, we offer response within 1-2 hours in Scandinavia and most of Europe.

Let's solve your problem

At Straight Forward we guarantee solutions that meet the customers need, at the lowest costs with the best schedules.

Lasse Lørup Jørgensen

CEO & owner

Straight Forward

Knudsgade 7
9000 Aalborg
CVR: 41316063

+45 30490394